North Carolina’s First Conference on Immigration Policy and Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration is negatively impacting North Carolina today in the four critical areas of employment, healthcare, crime, and education.  The problem is compounded by stalemates between political parties and their special interests.  A growing number of concerned citizens in Southeastern North Carolina are advocating for solutions on the state and local level.

On August 10 & 11, 2012 we will be holding the first iiiMPACT Immigration conference in Wilmington, North Carolina.  This event will bring together non-partisan, non-profit and other organizations, activists and leaders from across North Carolina to study, discuss and debate the issues related to immigration policy and law enforcement in North Carolina as well as the impact of illegal immigration.

We’ll dive into this educational event on Friday, August 10th with a viewing of Dennis Michael Lynch’s ground-breaking documentary, “They Come to America.”  A comprehensive and in-depth look at the reality and the costs of illegal immigration in America, this movie will help to educate the public on this issue on the national level.  Step beyond the media pundits’ racially charged sound-bites into what’s really going on in our cities and along America’s border.  See the trailers below.

SATURDAY August 11 we’ll get local with speakers, candidates, state and local officials and citizens starting with small workshops on specific aspects affecting North Carolina and continuing on to a Town Hall style panel discussion in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided with several keynote speakers from North Carolina.  Attendees will come away with a wealth of knowledge about the issues themselves, what their elected officials are doing, and what can be done to protect our citizens while maintaining legal immigration laws.

Listen to our interview:  Jude Eden talks to Curtis Wright on the Beat about iiiMPACT – Click on Segments, July 12th on the date slider.

Registration information for this event is coming soon.  Check back with us and stay tuned to Curtis Wright on the Beat, 980 WAAV AM and 680 WFNC AM, as well as for interviews and information! 

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